As mentioned, we are writing our book. It has taken insights from many historical events that still occur today that shape our society. We have boiled down the entire human race to three things that are the main focus of the book: that is how to become truly free, happy, and rich. Some say history […]

“Accept that it will not be overnight success. Until that jump comes, invest in yourself so you can be fully aware of your calling. Every day must be a learning day. You must constantly be analyzing the world and why things happen the way they do. Inside of every problem lies a solution. No problem […] When working on something important, its helpful to have motivation all around you, whether it be people, music, or film. As life is slowly changing and becoming a reality, this song reflects what the end goal and result is, along with the hustle that it takes. The music we listen to during this experience […]

What is your one goal in life? What is your ideal future and lifestyle look like? Many dream and few make that dream a reality. If you have not yet taken the steps towards a life that you find free, happy, and rich, both mentally and financially, what is holding you back? After years of […]

Take a peek at what is going on as we write the modern ideas of gaining happiness, freedom, and wealth by being self-rich.

This will be the trip of our lives. We are on this journey together. We think you’ll like the results. “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton