Embrace your Journey

Accept that it will not be overnight success. Until that jump comes, invest in yourself so you can be fully aware of your calling. Every day must be a learning day. You must constantly be analyzing the world and why things happen the way they do. Inside of every problem lies a solution. No problem has ever been too great to handle. This usually starts with one person with just an idea. From there, they grow and so does the idea. Eventually you are changing the world for the better.

06.07.19 – Work turns into more work

When working on something important, its helpful to have motivation all around you, whether it be people, music, or film. As life is slowly changing and becoming a reality, this song reflects what the end goal and result is, along with the hustle that it takes. The music we listen to during this experience will push us further and lead us to success. Find what motivates you and have it to push you to your goals.
Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLKZ1K37BqM

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What is your one goal in life? What is your ideal future and lifestyle look like? Many dream and few make that dream a reality. If you have not yet taken the steps towards a life that you find free, happy, and rich, both mentally and financially, what is holding you back? After years of searching for what I want out of my life and where I will need to go, I learned one thing. And that is, I have failed a lot. After years of searching and gaining knowledge through just experiencing life, I realized the secret to attaining your ideal life. Start Small. The Self Rich Life is more than a brand and more than the book we are writing. It is a lifestyle. It is taking complete control of your life. There are three things that every human wants and it is the three things that connects anyone anywhere in the world. It is the desire to be free, happy, and rich. We are here for you, to give you motivation and positivity when you are feeling helpless. You are more capable and worthy of your ideal life than you truly realize. As you follow our Self Rich Guide, we intend to guide you on your own path and empower your inner boss through our daily motivational posts. Also follow along through the process of our book that is to be released at the end of this summer!


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