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Learn More To Teach More

While the editing phase of the first book is being conducted, we are always learning and improving the ideas that we have. Learning never ends. We don’t know everything and neither do you. By reading and stopping to ponder new ideas, we make The Best Version of You even better for you. We can’t wait…

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What About Yourself?

“Very few actually put their self first. The simplest understanding of this is happiness. We generally tend to please others at our own personal expense. This leads us down a path where we live a life that pleases others while we stay put. Our true potential is never fully put forth.” The Demand For Change

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The truth is, the people who get knocked down the most or fail the most have the most potential. Few too many choose the more difficult path because of the high risk. The more you fail, the more risk you have taken, and every failure puts you one step closer to your goals. The Demand…

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Victorious U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, and a Lot of Other Women Athletes

Just when America wins, an entrepreneur finds a way to empower others to spot opportunity. This article pinpoints the exact mindset we all need more of. What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Victorious U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, and a Lot of Other Women Athletes — Read on

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What’s Next?

April 23rd, 2019 the first words of The Demand for Change were written into history. Fast forward to the first week of July and there are over 220 pages written. Ideas have trickled from brain to paper. Conversations about what is in the book have been engaged. It’s time to begin the next phase of…

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Times Are Changing

We are currently researching information and developing new ideas to include in The Demand for Change. Did you realize that American colleges and universities are struggling to survive. Follow our tips to realize you don’t need a degree to be successful.

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06.11.19 – Who Are We?

“This common-headed man named Albert Einstein influenced our lives with one simple quote, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. If you added the 1930’s depression with the 60’s tension, you will get the times that we live in. We are living in a time where people are losing hope. Robots are taking jobs. Depression…

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First Book

As mentioned, we are writing our book. It has taken insights from many historical events that still occur today that shape our society. We have boiled down the entire human race to three things that are the main focus of the book: that is how to become truly free, happy, and rich. Some say history…

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Embrace your Journey

“Accept that it will not be overnight success. Until that jump comes, invest in yourself so you can be fully aware of your calling. Every day must be a learning day. You must constantly be analyzing the world and why things happen the way they do. Inside of every problem lies a solution. No problem…

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