Robert Moran, Michael Pampena, Andrew Lackey

Front and back covers of the book

The Best Version of You: A mission to create equality and income. Reading the content in this refreshing, unique take on living life will put you in a thought-process never seen before. A timeless idea with a new refreshing change. With income inequality, and a little hope for a better future, our politicians and education system have capitalized on it. The result is a growing number of debt, division, and depression. The only way to climb out of this nightmare seems to be a revolution, and in these author’s opinion, an entrepreneurial revolution. Moran, Pampena, and Lackey show us the ignored realism that is in our everyday lives and how we can cut through the imaginary glue that we are stuck to. The authors demonstrate the ability that we all have as humans to make ourselves happy, free, and rich to ultimately live our dream lives.

  • April 2019

    Work began on creating our first book.

  • August 2019

    Editing and Revising Stage Begins

  • September 2019

    Finalized Covers and Content – Submitted Copyright

  • October 2019

    Work began on creating our second literary work

    Received Copyright Confirmation and began publishing stage

  • November 2019

    Published “The Best Version of You” on (paperback and Kindle versions)

Published by Michael Pampena

Co-Contributor and Co-Author of selfrichlifestyle