06.11.19 – Who Are We?

“This common-headed man named Albert Einstein influenced our lives with one simple quote, “In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”. If you added the 1930’s depression with the 60’s tension, you will get the times that we live in. We are living in a time where people are losing hope. Robots are taking jobs. Depression is on a high rise. We took the alternate path. We chose the risky and dangerous path with a chance to change history. In the midst of high amounts of political, racial, and socio-economic divide, we saw an opportunity for change. You are receiving this advice by two people that are lost, but free in a world that only seemed to be getting worse. Just as we had officially given up, we became aware that we were on the right path. You’re lost on your own path. But the hope hidden in this complex world, has been found.”

EXCERPT from The Demand for Change


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