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As mentioned, we are writing our book. It has taken insights from many historical events that still occur today that shape our society. We have boiled down the entire human race to three things that are the main focus of the book: that is how to become truly free, happy, and rich. Some say history repeats itself. Some say it does not repeat but mimics. Ideas and policies have come and gone. If you view the struggles of the modern world, they mimic those of the past. The economic concerns and fears of The Great Depression have morphed with the societal and political tensions of the late 60s. As hope is dying along with our planet, and everyday hard working, good people are divided with their neighbor over who will be their leader, we have found a solution. Much of what every barrier and problem one faces can all come down to whether we are financially secure along with a happy and free life. For years of searching for oursleves and the answer to every problem we search for an identity. Where do we fit in? Who wants to accept us? We search for love and acceptance before we ever love and accept ourself. The first way to better our world is to better ourselves.


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